Laser hair removal is a beauty treatment that is available to a wide range of people. However, if you have darker, brown skin, you may need to educate yourself and take certain precautions before having this treatment performed to help ensure you achieve the desired results.

1. Talk to Your Physician 

Before you visit a laser hair removal professional, you want to begin the process with a conversation with your doctor. One of the primary risks associated with brown skin and laser hair removal is laser burn. It is important to speak with your healthcare provider to determine whether you are taking any medications or have any underlying health conditions that impact your photosensitivity risk.

 Individuals with photosensitivity are more susceptible to skin burns. Coupling this risk with the elevated burn risk of lasers for people with brown skin can make the treatment unsafe. The technician who performs the procedure will likely ask you this information, so the more you know beforehand, the better. 

2. Schedule a Consultation

Before you decide on a facility, it is crucial to have a consultation. While the primary risk of laser hair removal for people with darker-pigmented skin is laser burn, there is a way to avoid this risk. Hair removal lasers are not all the same; specific laser categories have been deemed safe for people in this category. 

The purpose of the consultation is to ensure the facility has a laser rated for your skin type, as all facilities do not carry a variety of laser grades. It is imperative that you only choose a facility that has the precise laser range you need to protect your skin.

3. Start Slow

With proper technique, equipment, and knowledge, it is possible to perform laser hair removal without causing any harm to the skin. However, there is always room for caution, as every person can react differently to the treatment, even when the appropriate laser is applied. 

For this reason, if you plan to have laser hair removal performed in multiple areas, it makes sense to begin in the most inconspicuous place first. For example, you could have the treatment performed in the underarm area before the legs or face. With this method, you have a chance to see how your skin reacts in a hidden area. 

In addition to reviewing this information, ensure you speak with a trained technician to learn more about the process and assess any potential risk that you might face.

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