Your knees are among your most important joints, and any problems with this part of your body can lead to significant quality of life and mobility problems. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that will find themselves suffering from chronic knee pain as they age or following an injury.

Chronic Knee Pain Can Tend To Get Worse If It Is Not Treated

When a patient first starts to experience chronic knee pain, they may be able to ignore or overlook the discomfort at first due to it being fairly mild. However, this is a problem that will have the potential to worsen over time. Eventually, a person that is experiencing mild knee pain may find that they lose much of the range of movement in their knees. In addition to the symptoms worsening as time progresses, the damage that has occurred to the knee can grow worse, which can complicate the treatment process.

Treatments Can Be Effective At Reducing Pain And Inflammation In The Knee Joint

Stem cell treatments for knee pain have become a popular approach for patients that are wanting to address this discomfort while also avoiding lengthy recovery times. During the stem cell knee pain treatment process, injections will be made to the knee in the damaged area. The stem cells can promote the healing process so that the damaged tissue may regenerate more effectively. In most cases, a person will experience no downtime as a result of these injections. However, some people may experience slight tenderness or mild soreness following these injections, but this is a discomfort that should only last a few hours to a couple of days following the injections.

Treatments Are Often Completed Over Several Injection Sessions

To be fully effective, most patients will need to undergo these stem cell injection treatments several times. Due to the fact that these stem cells will only supplement and enhance the body's healing and recovery capabilities, multiple injection treatments can often be required for the body to make full use of the stem cells. Additionally, these sessions will need to be spaced out so that the body can have time to utilize the stem cells and start the healing process. If multiple treatment sessions are needed for the patient, they are likely to be administered with several weeks between them so the effects of these injections can be assessed before the next treatment is completed.

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