Companies reluctant to use regular drug and alcohol testing may be doing themselves and their employees a disservice. Accredited testing can help companies save money, identify problems before they worsen, and help their employees recover from serious issues. Understanding why can help business owners know when to implement this process at their office.

Benefits of Regular Drug and Alcohol Testing at Work

While it might seem unnecessary and expensive, setting up regular drug and alcohol testing in a workplace can provide many benefits. These tests not only help employers track their employee's behaviors but can also help these workers get help when necessary. Just a few benefits that this process may provide a workplace include how it

  • Prevents On-Site Problems: When performing regular drug and alcohol tests, a business can help reduce inappropriate behaviors at the office. People afraid of getting caught may stop taking drugs or alcohol before work or completely to help avoid losing their job entirely.
  • Spots a Problem Early: Drug and alcohol tests may help people struggling with the early stages of addiction get spotted more quickly. Employers can then talk with them about their drug or alcohol abuse and find a way for them to stay employed, including voluntary drug addiction therapy.
  • Deters Continued Abuse: When employees know that their employer may do regular drug and alcohol tests, they may either end up quitting their abuse or moving on to a new job. Whatever the situation, an employer may benefit by getting rid of potentially abusive workers.
  • Helps Transition Workers to Treatment: Employers who catch their employees with drug tests may help these individuals enter drug treatment by using the results as proof of addiction. They can then use the results to help ensure that their employee's insurance covers their treatment.

These advantages make it easier for companies to create consistent work experiences that minimize serious problems and ensure that their workers stay on task. It also helps save them money by minimizing employee replacement procedures when workers willingly go to treatment. Helping others out in this way is the right thing to do, especially for long-time employees.

Setting Up Regular Tests

Accredited drug and alcohol testing uses fully trained professionals who understand the proper testing procedures and who can execute them properly. They can either work on-site with a company's employees or through a clinic, where workers may go occasionally to do tests. Setting up randomized or regular tests may help those with drug problems reach out for the help that they need. 

Reach out to a local accredited drug and alcohol testing company for more information.