Taking your child to their wellness exam is a great way to learn more about their health and where they stand on their growth and development journey. These visits provide an excellent opportunity to speak to your child's pediatrician regarding any health-related concerns or questions. Here are just a few things to expect when taking your child to their next wellness visit. 

Health Concerns

Your child's wellness exam will be the perfect opportunity to speak to their pediatrician regarding any health concerns you may have. Lingering colds, unexplained rashes, or sudden fevers are all excellent examples of concerns to share with your child's doctor. Expect the pediatrician to perform a thorough exam including checking the nasal cavities, ears, eyes, throat, and observing reflex responses. Your child's doctor will also ask you a number of questions including what types of milestones your child has reached at this point in their lives. Parents of toddlers, for instance, may be asked the extent of their child's vocabulary or ability to solve puzzles. 

Growth and Development

Your child will also be measured from head to toe and weighed. This will help the pediatrician get a clear idea of how well your child is developing physically. Often, your pediatrician will bring up a growth chart to point out where your child's growth lies compared to other children of the same age. This will help you understand what percentile your child may be in and where to make changes. Children who are lower on the weight scale, for instance, may be encouraged by the pediatrician to add supplementary nutrition drinks to their diet to encourage weight gain. While it may be worrisome to see your child fall behind on the growth chart, do not be too discouraged. As will be explained by your pediatrician, some children simply grow at different rates than others and the point of the comparison will be to see where beneficial improvements can be made. 

Request a Health Summary

At the end of your visit, your child's doctor may offer a printed or digital copy of the wellness exam summary. Be sure to request this document if not otherwise offered as it can come in handy later down the road. For example, many preschool programs or daycares require a health summary of children who are interested in attending. This will help ensure that all those in attendance are in satisfactory health and do not pose a health threat to other students. Bringing home a copy of your child's health summary will also be helpful to include in their medical records. Storing your child's paperwork in an easy-to-access folder, for instance, will provide a convenient way for you to access your child's health information at a moment's notice. Many health summaries also come with a list of phone numbers, emails, and addresses of medical locations that will always be smart to keep nearby. For more information, contact a children's healthcare facility.