You might have a habit of shopping around at different dispensaries in your area when you're stocking up on cannabis products. However, there are some benefits to purchasing regularly at the same dispensary. 

The following are six ways you can benefit from repeatedly purchasing from the same dispensary

You may enjoy discounts from loyalty programs

A lot of dispensaries will try to get repeat customers by offering loyalty programs. These loyalty programs can make it so that you get significant discounts on products you purchase after you have already made a certain amount of previous purchases. This is a great way to save money on cannabis products. 

You'll be very familiar with the inventory of your dispensary

As you experiment with various cannabis products, you'll definitely find a few favorites that you'll want to purchase again and again. If you use the same dispensary, you'll be familiar with their inventory so that you know exactly what products you like each time you visit. 

You'll be aware of news and updates on your dispensary and its products

Dispensaries sometimes have special events or product updates that they share news about with regular customers. When you choose a dispensary, you can connect with its social media pages and email list so that you always receive newsletters and updates on events and product updates. 

You'll develop a rapport with the staff members

It's nice to get the know the staff members at your dispensary so that you can come in and see some familiar faces when you need to make a purchase. Staff members can get an idea of what types of products you like so that they can recommend new products when they are developed. 

You'll always know what to expect

If you use the same dispensary repeatedly, you won't have to deal with any unpleasant surprises when you come in to purchase cannabis products. It's nice to know what to expect so that you can get in and get out with what you want quickly. 

You can have confidence in the quality of the product

Product quality can vary significantly between various dispensaries. When you buy an unfamiliar cannabis product from a new dispensary, that product can be a bit of a wild card.

When you buy repeatedly from a dispensary that you are familiar with, you can expect a certain level of quality even if you are trying a new product.