Visiting or moving to an area that has legalized recreational marijuana can allow you to enjoy the use of this substance without the risk of being jailed for it. However, visiting a dispensary to buy legal cannabis can be a unique experience that many people may not be prepared to go through.

Research Before You Arrive At The Dispensary

Individuals that are shopping at a dispensary for the first time may find that they are nearly overwhelmed by the variety of cannabis products that are on the shelves of these businesses. While this can allow individuals to find a wide variety of products to suit their preferences, the number of choices can be overwhelming. To accommodate customers and to reduce wait times, many of these facilities will provide a menu of their products online so that you can research ahead of time the products that you are most interested in trying. Some dispensaries may even offer online ordering where you can pick up these products, which can significantly reduce wait time as you may be able to walk straight to the checkout counter to pay and receive your order.

Avoid Opening Products Until You Arrive Home

After buying legal cannabis products for the first time, individuals may be tempted to open the packaging to look at it. While this may seem harmless, many states will have laws that will treat this as the same as having an open container of alcohol. As a result, you might face a citation if you are caught in public with marijuana containers that have been opened. Individuals looking to buy edibles will want to be especially cautious of this. By waiting to open these products until you are in the privacy of your hotel room or home you will avoid this risk.

Make A Note Of Brands That You Like

Underestimating the variations among the numerous brands of cannabis manufacturers can be another common mistake. However, there can be significant differences in potency and taste among cannabis manufacturers. If you find a product or brand that you particularly enjoy or dislike, you should make a note of it. Individuals will often assume that they will be able to remember this, but it can be easy to forget or to otherwise lose track of the products you have tried. By writing down products that you either particularly enjoyed or disliked, you can avoid accidentally buying a marijuana product that you find underwhelming or unenjoyable.

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