You have heard of DNA testing in the past, most often linked to teaching you what your ancestry is. Most tests work the same way: you supply a DNA sample by rubbing a swab of cotton on your inner cheek, fill in some paperwork, and send your kit to the assigned lab and await your results.

DNA testing is not new, nor is it particularly expensive. While much of this type of testing can be done for novelty or research purposes, one type of test — the MTHFR test — can actually be life-saving. What is the MTHFR test, and why should you invest in an MTHFR test kit? You'll learn about this type of test here and will also be able to learn how and where you can get one of your own.

What MTHFR is

MTHFR is actually a type of gene that many people carry. This gene can be an indicator of several types of diseases and medical conditions, and discovering whether you have this gene or not by doing this specific DNA test can help you stay in your best health. You will also be able to discuss with your doctor any possible preventative measures you have to take to keep any potential diseases at bay or in control that can be caused by this gene.

You learn what may be causing your medical issues

This gene is linked to a variety of health issues, from miscarriages and placental abruption to blood clots and even some cancers. If you have had difficult pregnancies or deliveries in the past, have a history of family cancer, or even have hearing issues that cannot be explained, you need to get this MTHFR test done. While the test won't cure any diseases or medical conditions you have, knowing what may be the cause of some of your issues can help you be prepared for future pregnancies and other related occurrences.

The test isn't expensive or invasive

An MTHFR test can be done in the doctor's office or at home. The kit itself is similar to other DNA kits in both price and function and doesn't require a blood draw or even medical intervention. You can get a DNA MTHFR test done right in your own home and receive results in a short amount of time, allowing you to find out if you have any genetic mutations that need to be addressed or give you peace of mind in knowing what your medical history really entails.