If you've been going to a family practitioner, you might want to rethink the way you look at your medical care. If you have children, you probably make sure they see a pediatrician. If you care for your aging parents, you might be responsible for providing them with transportation to their geriatrician. Those doctors cater to the specific needs of their patients. You need a doctor who will cater to yours. That's where a doctor who specializes in internal medicine comes in to the picture. An internal medicine specialist will provide you with the medical care you need as you proceed through midlife. Here are just three of the reasons why you need to see an internist for your medical needs.

They Focus on Adult Medical Needs

If you thought that a family practitioner would take care of all your medical needs now that you're approaching midlife, you'd be mistaken. While they can provide you with medical care, you need a doctor who understands the medical needs that accompany midlife. An internist can provide you with that level of care. As an adult in midlife, you won't be dealing with medical concerns that affect children and young adults, nor will you be dealing with health issues that affect the geriatric patient. Your internist will focus on your specific medical needs, such as high blood pressure, menopause, or impotency.

They Understand Your Changing Body

As you age, your body will go through a wide variety of changes — regardless of your gender. You may begin to notice that your gait has changed, or your bladder doesn't hold quite as much as it used to. Those subtle — and not so subtle — changes can be difficult to deal with. You're going to need a doctor who understands the changes that your body is going through and can help you make adjustments.

They Provide Comprehensive Medical Care

During your midlife, you'll begin to require additional medical testing and care. As your body goes through the changes of midlife, you may notice that you're experiencing different medical issues. Your internist will provide you with the comprehensive medical care you'll need as you proceed through midlife and beyond. You'll receive the testing you need to identify medical problems such as adult-onset diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and high cholesterol. If you're diagnosed with any of those medical conditions, your internist will provide you with the appropriate treatment plan geared towards your particular needs.