You may long have imagined your days of bad skin were over once you grew out of being a teenager. However, blackeads and other types of acne could pop up at any time. In fact, you could be doing any number of things to make that happen, such as the actions below:

1. You Aren't Eating Well

The immediate thing you should consider when you have a breakout is whether your diet has changed. Have you been eating holiday cookies or eating more fast food? Sugar and certain kinds of fat are likely to cause skin eruptions. When you return to more healthful diet, you should soon see your skin looking better. 

2. You're Stressed Out

If you've taken on a new job or started having trouble in one or more relationships, you may not think that your physical body will show any signs of that other than tired-looking eyes and a sullen expression. However, stress can cause something called an inflammatory response in the body. Because fo that, your face can start breaking out and daily bumps can be a constant reminder that your life is in upheaval. Also, you may end up eating poorly due to the stressful situation and giving yourself even more pimples to worry about.

To combat this, whenever you're faced with a stressful situation, look for healthy ways of handling it. Learn relaxation or deep breathing techniques. Seek out therapy. Get massages. Do everything possible to relax your body and eliminate the physical stress response so that your face can get back to normal.

3. You're Not Washing Pillowcases

You may shower every single day and wash linens frequently but start to notice more pimples anyway. It could be that you're neglecting your pillowcases. Some people just don't wash their pillowcases as much as they wash their sheets and blankets. However, realize that once you put your face on a pillow each night, that oils and bacteria are also on that pillow. You can wash your face, but if you haven't washed the pillowcase, you're laying your face right on any bacteria and oils from the night before. Therefore, be diligent about frequent pillowcase-washing and changing.

4. You're Taking Medication

New medication can also inflame your skin and make bumps appear. This can be surprising, especially if the medication has nothing to do with your skin or hormones. If you've recently begun any prescription medication and see pimples, ask your physician whether the medication could be the culprit.

If you just can't seem to get to the root cause of your breakouts, it could be time to consult a dermatologist. Their advice should clear up your face sooner than you think. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.