Shopping around for hearing aids can be a bit of a confusing process. You're likely to come across some terms you're not familiar with. One of these is "CIC hearing aids." This style of hearing aids is quite popular, and chances are good that it's a good choice for you. So, take your time to learn more about CIC hearing aids and their intricacies.

What are CIC hearing aids?

CIC stands for "completely in canal." These are hearing aids that rest completely inside your ear canal; there is no outer portion that wraps around your ear. They're easy to insert and remove with a little handle on the part of the hearing aid that's visible in your ear canal. While you can see CIC hearing aids if you look closely at your ear, they're not really visible when someone is looking at you from the front, from the back, or from a few feet away to your side. You can customize the color of the hearing aid so that it matches your natural skin tone, making it even less visible.

Why are CIC hearing aids a good choice?

In addition to being hard to see, CIC hearing aids are capable or correcting mild to moderate hearing loss. So unless you have pretty severe hearing loss, they should be an option for you. CIC hearing aids are often fitted with the latest technologies. One of these is multi-directional microphones, which allow you to distinguish where sounds are coming from. Today, CIC hearing aids are usually digital rather than analog. This means the sound they produce will sound more natural. You don't have to worry so much about background noises muffling the sounds you really want to hear.

Are there any drawbacks to CIC hearing aids?

Because the CIC hearing aids are so small, they can only fit small batteries. So, the batteries will wear out more often than with other styles of hearing aids. You will want to keep some extra batteries on hand so you're not stuck without them. If you have limited mobility in your hands, CIC hearing aids may not be the best choice unless you have someone more agile around the change the batteries for you.

If you're looking for hearing aids and think CIC hearing aids might be right for you, talk to a hearing specialist like Albuquerque  Hearing Associates in your area. They can measure your ears and the extent of your hearing loss and recommend a specific model for you.