If you have been experiencing pain in the arches of your feet, you most likely wish to find ways to alleviate it quickly and thoroughly. People suffer from arch problems when they overexert themselves exercising, when they wear improper footwear, or when their arch area is higher or lower than the norm. Here are some ways to determine what type of arch your feet have and some ways to help relieve pain in this area.

Determining Your Arch Structure To Find An Appropriate Pain Relief Solution

Before you can tend to aching arches, you will need to figure out if they are higher or lower than average. This can be done by stepping into a pan filled with water and then stepping onto an asphalt or cement surface so an imprint of your feet is left behind. If you notice the footprints are completely filled in, you most likely suffer from low arches. If the footprints are rather thin in structure, with some portions missing wet areas, you are most likely someone with a higher arch. The same type of test can be taken by an orthopedic surgeon or podiatrist to determine how you can go about relieving pain effectively.

Using The Proper Foot Gear To Relive Pain In The Arch Properly

To help give your feet stability as you walk, insoles can be purchased and placed inside your shoes. These are made of a gel-like material and will reduce the amount of friction your feet endure as they hit the floor or ground. Many find this to be a great way to reduce pain efficiently. You need to know whether you have low or high arches before you select insoles, as they are constructed differently. If you would rather, a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon would be able to order custom-made insoles to fit your feet perfectly.

Use The Power Of Temperature Change And Massage To Reduce Pain At Home

If you still suffer from pain in your arches, you can use ice and heat to help reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation in this area. First apply an ice pack to the bottoms of your feet to help reduce any swelling you are experiencing. This will immediately minimize the amount of pain felt. After several minutes, switch to a warm temperature to get blood moving within the feet. Gentle massage can also be done directly to the arches to reduce any pain felt in the area.