Are you considering laser surgery to correct your eyesight? This type of procedure is called LASIK and is one of the most popular elective surgeries being performed in the United States, but patients need to be prepared. Here's how you'll need to prepare for LASIK surgery. 

Before Your Exam

The journey begins by speaking to your eye doctor about your options, risks and rewards. Then you will need an eye exam to determine if this type of surgery is right for you. 


The first thing the doc is going to do is evaluate you to make sure you are a candidate. You can do an overall self evaluation before you even get to the doctor's office. 

  • Are you over 18? 
  • Are you in generally good health? 
  • Has your glasses or contacts prescription changed in the last year? 

Your doctor will do a more extensive evaluation and talk to you about possible outcomes. 

Get Out Your Glasses

Contact lens wearers will need to take a break from contacts and only wear glasses for a few weeks to a month before the evaluation exam. This is to allow your cornea to get back to its natural shape. 

Count the Costs

Because this type of surgery is elective, your vision insurance may or may not cover it. Speak to your insurance company about what type of coverage, if any, you should expect. Then speak to your eye surgeon about the costs. 

Before Surgery 

Once your surgery is scheduled, you will still need to prepare. There are several things to add to your checklist before surgery. 

Remove Your Makeup

You will need to stop wearing any lotions, creams or makeup. This is especially important for the area around your eyes. Your eyes will need to be completely free of any eye shadow or mascara before your procedure. Otherwise you risk infection. 

Fill Your Prescriptions

You will be getting several prescriptions to use after surgery to keep infection at bay and aid in healing. Fill these before your surgery so they are waiting for you when you get home. 

Get a Ride

You aren't going to be able to drive yourself home from your eye surgery, so make arrangements for someone else to drive you when you're done. It will keep you safe, and you'll have a bit of post surgery company. 

Many people have great success with LASIK surgery. You can increase your chances of a great outcome by making sure you are prepared long before the day of your procedure. Contact a business, such as Mid-America Vision Center, for more information.