One of the top causes of hearing aid failure is due to blockage from ear wax. Also known as cerumen, ear wax is a sticky brown substance secreted by a gland in the outer ear. Ear wax varies in consistency and appearance depending on its freshness but can be pasty or flaky, and it may be dark brown, tan or golden in color. Ear wax accumulates in different quantities from one person to the next. Men produce more than women, and older people produce more than middle-aged people. Children also can be large producers of ear wax. Whether you're a big producer or a small producer of ear wax, it's important to protect your hearing aid from cerumen buildup in your ears. These tips will help you. 

Get Your Ears Cleaned Regularly

A trained physician or audiologist can clean out your ears safely and effectively using a strong spray of water pointed directly into the ear canal. This should not be done at home, as the ear drum can be damaged if this process is done improperly. Do not use cotton swabs to clean the ear wax from your ear; this can actually push the ear wax farther down into your ear canal. 

Clean Your Hearing Aid Daily

Clean your hearing aid every day with a dry microfiber cloth. Never use rubbing alcohol or another liquid to clean your hearing aid this can cause the hearing aid to malfunction. If your hearing aid regularly experiences problems with ear wax, use a hearing aid brush to clean the device. Some hearing aid brushes include a wire loop for removing ear wax from small crevices. As you clean the hearing aid, hold it over a soft surface to ensure that it will not be broken if it is dropped. 

Use a Hearing Aid with a Wax Guard

A wax guard is a very small cover that fits into the the sound opening of the hearing aid. Many hearing aid manufacturers now provide this type of protection as a standard feature on their hearing aids. If your hearing aids do not include a wax guard and you would like to try a hearing aid that includes this feature, speak with your health care provider. 

If ear wax is allowed to build up in your hearing aid, you may find yourself seeking hearing aid repair. If this is the case, contact a reputable hearing aid repair technician in your area. Regular maintenance of your hearing device and regular cleaning of your ears should be able to prevent this problem.