When it comes to taking HCG to facilitate weight loss, there are two options: injections and oral drops/pills. There are several advantages to taking HCG orally that make this the best choice for most individuals looking to achieve significant weight loss as quickly as possible. Consider the following:


When any type of medication is taken by injection, it involves having to maintain and prepare a syringe and needle. It's not easy to take HCG by injection amid the busy work day or when one is traveling away from home.

It's true that oral HCG drops generally need to be taken more frequently than HCG injections. However, taking a dose of oral HCG is much quicker and does not require the careful cleaning necessary to ensure that a syringe needle is sterile. Oral HCG drops can be taken on-the-go and easily packed up for travel away from home. 


Any type of injection is uncomfortable and involves some pain. Injections also typically leave bruise marks on the inner thigh or on whichever part of the body is used for administering intramuscular HCG injections. Taking HCG orally is painless and does not cause any bruising. 

No need to refrigerate

The form of HCG that is taken by injection usually must be refrigerated, and this adds some complications to the process of transporting or storing it. On the other hand, oral HCG drops generally do not need to be refrigerated.

Flexible dosage

Taking intramuscular injections of HCG generally involves a much more regimented program where it's important to take the right amount. As injections of HCG are sometimes given as infrequently as once a week, there is less flexibility to adjust dosages according to immediate results as time goes on. 

As oral HCG is generally taken on a daily basis, it's easy to make adjustments to dosage every day to achieve the best possible results. 

Effectiveness of results

One of the great things about either oral or injected HCG is how quickly HCG taken in any form allows dieters to see results.

Both men and women can use HCG for weight loss. HCG works by promoting a faster and more effective metabolism, and metabolism is one of the most important factors when it comes to keeping weight off. This means that individuals who have been struggling with excessive weight gain because of a slow metabolism may have success with HCG even though no other dietary supplement has worked for them in the past. 

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