The job of managing a chiropractic office often falls squarely on the shoulders of the new chiropractor. When starting a practice, there are so many start-up expenses that hiring a full staff from day one is often unrealistic. The key to getting it all done by yourself are electronic systems. Having a system--essentially, an office hack--is the easiest way to get so much done without help.

1. SMS Reminders: Nothing is a bigger waste of time in any profession than a 'no show'. Not only could that spot have been filled by another patient, but you could have taken a longer lunch break, or even gone home for the day. The easiest way to remind patients of an appointment to prevent no-shows without an assistant manning the phones is to use an SMS (short message service) reminder program on your computer. Basically, it sends a text to your clients, reminding them of their upcoming appointment. 

2. Paper Newsletter: No budget left for marketing? Get in the habit of creating a simple paper newsletter and mailing it out each month. It may seem passe, but people love to put them on their refrigerator. The cost is minimal, which is perfect when you are just starting out. In fact, mail it even if you only have three clients. If you make it a habit now, it will become second nature to write and mail out a newsletter each month as you get busier and busier. 

3. ChiroCode DeskBook: Maneuvering your way through the maze that is insurance billing is not for the faint at heart. If you do not have the funds to have a billing staff, or even to outsource your medical billing, invest in ChiroCode DeskBook. Updated annually, this handy book is your go-to source for all billing, coding, and reimbursement for your new chiropractic office. In other words, it helps you get paid, which is always good. 

4. Social Media: Another great way to connect with your clients--past, present, and future--is to use social media. It costs you nothing, but time. In fact, social media levels the playing field. You have the same access to it that every other chiropractic office does, regardless of budget. The other benefit to social media is that it allows you to reach out and connect with people by posting links to interesting articles, and funny tidbits.  

If you employ the above office hacks, you will be able to grow your practice quickly and have systems in place when you are ready to hire staff, allowing them to take over seamlessly.